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The Jenkins Laboratory funding

We are grateful for the trust our supporters have awarded us and are committed to honouring that trust.

How are we funded?

Our funding is vital to achieving our strategic goals and making the discoveries necessary to advance the understanding, prevention and treatment of disease.

We currently receive income/research support from the Australian Government, Donations and bequests, private donors, Philanthropic grants - Australian and overseas trusts and foundations and research partners.

We are grateful for the trust our supporters have awarded us and are committed to honouring that trust.

Funding image. Credit: Photo by Geronimo Giqueaux on Unsplash, licensed under <a href=https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/>CC0</a>

Major Funding agencies:

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Australia
National Heart Foundation
The Helmsley Charitable Trust
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (in USA)
The University of Sydney
International Diabetes Federation
NSW Government


As a private ancillary fund, trust, foundation, individual, family or couple, your major gift and philanthropic investment will help transform medical research and human health in Australia and beyond.

Contact us for a confidential conversation to discuss your interest, any specific requirements you have, the best way to make a donation for your needs and opportunities available for major donors.


With the high calibre of medical research in Australia many excellent projects that could improve people’s health do not receive grant funding from traditional grant giving agencies on their first submission. The chances of major funding are increased if robust preliminary data or some key steps in the overall program are presented. Crowdfunding can help turn a great idea into a major medical advance.

Donations can be made via contacting us if one wishes to discuss specific projects or check out the research at the University of Sydney Crowdfunding website where we usually have some projects listed.

Dictionary definition of crowdfunding

MRFF COVID-19. IMPACTICO: Trials of immuno-modulatory particles and colchicine to improve COVID-19 outcomes. CI to CIA Prof. A Keech. A$980,415. 2020-2021

MRFF. Colchicine After Stroke to Prevent Event Recurrence (CASPER) Study. AI to CIA Prof A Keech. A$250,000. 2021-2023

MRFF. PARAGON-II: Phase 2 basket study of an ARomatase inhibitor plus PI3KCA inhibitor or CDK4/6 inhibitor in women with hormone receptor positive recurrent/metastatic Gynaecological Neoplasms. CI to CIA A/Prof. Chee Lee. A$1,995,422.30 2020-2023

NSW Synergy Grant. Shifting the dial in early disease detection and personalised prevention for coronary artery disease. Dr Gemma Figtree. A$250,000. 2020-2021

NHMRC Program Grant. Better Outcomes through Innovations in Clinical Trials: from Personalised Medicine to Population Health. CIE to CIA John Simes. A$12,215,000. 2019-2023.

NHMRC Project Grant. FIELD NOvel MArkers in Diabetes in the FIELD Trial (FIELD NOMAD). CIA. $715,519. 2018-2020.

NHMRC. Practitioner Fellowship Level 1. A$475,000. 2017-2021.

Diabetes Australia Research Program. Epigenetic markers of vascular damage & glycaemic variability in a GP cohort of people with T2D & out of target HbA1c. PI. A$60,000. 2018–2020.

NHMRC. Australia China Grant re Type 2 diabetes. CIB to CIA Keech. A$658,000. 2016-2020.

NHMRC. CRE in Diabetic Retinopathy: Closing the loop for diabetic eye care and complication risk mitigation. CIB to CIA Anthony Keech. $2,470,000. 2015-2020.

JDRF Australia. Closing the Loop Overnight in Home. CoCI with CIA D O’Neal. $2,900,000. 2015-2020.

JDRF Australia. The (Fenofibrate and Microvascular Events) FAME 1 Eye Study – Preventing Vision Loss in T1 Diabetes. PI. $1,253.000. 2015-2021.

NHMRC Project. FAME-1 EYE. Fenofibrate and the Microvascular Complications of Type 1 Diabetes. CIA. Study co-PI (AC Keech). $2,754,608. 2014-2021.

NHMRC. Testosterone for the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes. T4DM. CI to CIA G Wittert. A$4,200,000. 2012-2019.

NHMRC Project Grant. The protective effects of fenofibrate in diabetes-related susceptibility to ischaemia. CIA Alicia Jenkins, CIA Martin Ng. $609,505. 2014-2015.

NHMRC FIELD LIFE. Epigenetics of Type 2 diabetes complications. CIC Alicia Jenkins to CIA Keech. A$1,090,000. 2014-2015.

JDRF International. Closed Loop Insulin Pumps in the Home. CIC Alicia Jenkins, CIA D O’Neal. $900,000. 2014-2015.

JDRF International. REMOVAL study: REducing with MetfOrmin Vascular Adverse Lesions in type 1 diabetes. Co PI to John Petrie UK. $3,216,000. 2011-2015.

Fred Hollows Foundation. TEAMSNET Telemedicine for Diabetes Eye Care. CIC Alicia Jenkins, CIA Sven Bursell. $3,000,000. 2012-2014.

NHMRC. Testosterone for the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes. T4DM CI to CIA G Wittert A$4,200,000. 2012-2014.

NHMRC Partnership Grant. Telemedicine for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Care. CIB to CIA Sven Bursell A$1,800,000. 2011-2014.

NHMRC. Unlocking the genetics of diabetes complications (FIELD Study). CIB to CIA A Keech A$2,400,000. 2010-2012.