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FAME-1 fenofibrate trials in Type 1 diabetes.

Fenofibrate and Microvascular End-Points in Type 1 diabetes – FAME-1 Eye

Diabetic eye disease (retinopathy) is usually present in most people with Type 1 diabetes after 15-20 years of diabetes, and can progress to vision loss. Tight glucose control can retard the development or progression of eye damage, but is often difficult to achieve. There are proven treatments applied to the eye for advanced diabetic eye disease (such as laser treatment or ‘anti-VEGF’ or steroid injections), but as yet there is no proven treatment to retard progression of early to moderate diabetic retinopathy. The FIELD trial (and ACCORD Lipid Eye) trial showed that fenofibrate retards eye, kidney and nerve complications in adults with Type 2 diabetes. FAME-1 Eye is the first Type 1 diabetes specific study to evaluate fenofibrate effects on eye damage in adults with Type 1 diabetes. We are recruiting 450 adults with Type 1 diabetes and early diabetic retinopathy to take a daily fenofibrate or an inert tablet (placebo) for an average of 3-years.