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Medtronic 670G Hybrid Closed Loop pump. Copyright granted by Medtronic Aus.

Hybrid Closed Loop (insulin pump) trial

In people with Type 1 diabetes tight glucose control protects against diabetes complications and improves some aspects of quality of life. Hybrid Closed Loop (HCL) systems include an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor that measures glucose levels in the tissue under the skin and controls the rate of insulin delivery. Led by Prof. David O’Neal in 7 Australian sites in 140 adults with Type 1 diabetes the effects of 6-months HCL pump use (compared to multiple daily insulin injections) is being studied. Study outcomes relate to various aspects of glucose control, sleep quality, mental well-being, risk factors for vascular disease and driving safety. Results are being analysed and will be reported in 2020. A similar multi-site study, led by Prof. Tim Jones is being conducted in 120 children with Type 1 diabetes will complete in 2020.

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